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Knight Ambush is the 2nd episode of The Quest for the Ancient Diamond.


Jeanne D'Arc travels to Vaucoulers leading her to the Forest of Fraude but before she could get to Vaucoulers she was ambushed by Knights of England lead by a strange captain.


Jeanne travels to the route to Vaucoulers but was ambushed by knights Jeanne questions them were are they from the knights did'nt answer her and attacked her Liane and Roger fight off the few knights while Jeanne was fighting three knights herself while Roger and Liane were caught off guard.

While French Knights came and fought the remaining knights Jeanne questions the captain of the French Knights who they are the captain says "They are Engilsh Knights from England" but then the French Knights and the captain were shot by arrows from archers then a strange man came out from thier hiding place he introduce himself that he is Captain Talbot a captain from England and was brought here for a task to get the armlet off Jeannes hands she refuses Talbot quickly hand his sword to Jeanne but it missed the trio ran and hide for the moment.

Talbot searches her while Jeanne quitely sneak in the bushes so they could not be seen by the knights or Talbot. Talbot refuses to search her but he still will find her later someday.Jeanne and the two quickly ran out of thier hiding place and goes to Vaucoulers but they carefully walk out and sneak to places were they cannot be seen. Talbot sends his knights to guard the roads to Vaucoulers and the road to the Forest of Fraude.


Main Characters:

Minor Characters:

  • French Captain
  • French Knights
  • English Knights


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  • Talbot is minor villain in Jeanne D'Arc.

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