Domremy Festival is the 1st episode of The Quest for the Ancient Diamond.


Jeanne D'Arc must celebrate the festivel before leaving in search for the Ancient Diamond but trouble goes on when a pack of Why-wolves attacked the village.


Why-wolf attack

One of the Why-wolves ready to attack Domremy.

Jeanne was preparing for her long travel to the Forest of Fraude before she could leave her father came in and told her to relax and enjoy the festival Jeanne went outside and enjoyed the festival.A pack of Why-wolves were heading to Domremy to feed on the houses but waited until the festival is done.

Jeanne felt happy Roger came to the festival and enjoy the party to and Jeanne's bestfriend Liane they enjoyed the festival until the Why-wolves became very hungry they had no time to wait they quickly charged an attack on the village many villagers ran inside thier houses Jeanne,Liane and Roger quickly charged the Why-wolves out of the village.The Why-wolves surrendered and ran to the forest before one of then got hurt in the pack but it was a trick so that they could feed again thier in another time.

Jeanne,Liane and Roger were thanked by the villagers Jeanne's father was very proud of Jeanne the villagers went to the plaza and clean what has been destroyed.The next day Jeanne travels to Vaucouleurs to the route to the Forest of Fraude with her friends Liane and Roger her father and the villagers farewell Jeanne.


Main Characters:

Minor Characters:

  • Jacques (Jeanne's father)
  • Why-Wolves


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  • Jeanne D'arc,Liane,Roger and Jacques are characters in a PSP game Jeanne D'arc.
  • Domremy is a real village in France.

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